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How We Create Impact

Across under-served communities in Ghana over the last four years, SEHP has committed to improving quality healthcare access, championing entrepreneurial development, and prioritizing the enhancement of literacy skills with a keen focus on women, youth and children.

At SEHP, we understand that sustainable impact is impossible without community buy-in. It is for this reason that before any intervention is designed and/or implemented, community leaders, experts and members are engaged in identifying needs and gaps that fall into the scope of SEHP’s focus areas. This process (See figure on the right) is also done to help the SEHP team gain deeper understanding of community cultures, traditions and values, which are factored into developing culturally-competent interventions that effectively address these community needs.

SEHP also partners with local and international agencies and organizations to bolster efforts and augment the quality and quantity of resources needed to achieve set objectives. Monitoring and evaluation tools are used to assess the projects and interventions to continuously improve current and future management of outputs, outcomes and impact.